• Student Blogs from Abroad

    Student Blogs from Abroad

    Eighty-three Georgetown students blogged from 35 countries as part of the eighth year of the Junior Year Abroad Network, writing on issues of religion, culture, and politics. 

  • Blase Cupich is Pope Francis’s American Messenger

    Blase Cupich is Pope Francis’s American Messenger

    E.J. Dionne says Bishop Cupich's appointment as archbishop of Chicago will have an impact beyond the Catholic Church because it tells us a great deal about the role Pope Francis wants the church to play in American life.

  • Aha Moments: Feminism and Faith

    Aha Moments: Feminism and Faith

    Katherine Marshall explains that the beginnings of the feminist movement in the United States were led by faith communities. She argues that feminism and faith should be allies, not enemies.

  • Lessons from the Levant

    Lessons from the Levant

    Drew Christiansen and Ra’fat Aldajani say the future defense of Middle Eastern Christians and their rich cultural heritage depends on constructive dialogue between evangelicals and Eastern Christian churches.

  • Islamist Terrorism, Genocide, and US National Security

    Islamist Terrorism, Genocide, and US National Security

    Tom Farr, testifying on Capitol Hill, said US international religious freedom policy can make a contribution toward discouraging extremism and encouraging the liberalizing voices of Islam. Five amendments to the policy are needed.

Upcoming Events

October 3, 2014

From Copenhagen to Paris: Emerging Economies and the Challenges of Climate Change Diplomacy


Climate change has come roaring back into the spotlight since a 300,000-strong group of concerned citizens gathered on September 21 in New York to raise awareness of this global issue. In r...

October 15, 2014

Religion, The Missing Dimension of Statecraft: A Twentieth Anniversary Reflection

In 1994, Religion, The Missing Dimension of Statecraft broke new ground by exploring the role of religion in political theory and development and considering the implications for both the foreign policy and religious communities. The book provided cases ranging from post-World War II Franco-German reconciliation to the end of apartheid in South Africa and the role of the Philippine Catho...

October 23, 2014

Islam, Gender, and Democracy

Since the Arab Awakening, the question of women's rights has become, in the view of Western commentators, the litmus test for Muslim societies in the age of democracy and liberalism. The issue is often framed as the opposition between liberal advocates of secular democracy and religious opponents of women's full equality.

November 13, 2014

Love and Forgiveness in Governance

Please check back during the first week of October to view the full conference schedule and to RSVP. 

Love and forgiveness are universal values that seem to transcend race, culture, and nationality, making them a central part of what makes us human. Despite this fact, limited research exists on the role of love and forgiveness—and its practical application—in governance ...

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