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Stephen Schneck, National Co-Chair of Catholics for Obama, on the Post-Election Relations Between the Catholic Bishops and the Obama Administration
November 20, 2012
There remains a chance to hammer out the needed exemption for all religious institutions and I'm hopeful that both the...
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the Lessons Republicans can Learn from Judaism Following the Election
November 19, 2012
I care about the Republican Party because of its strong emphasis on the dignity that comes from economic opportunity and...
Public Religion Research Institute’s 2012 Post-Election American Values Survey on the Religious Composition of Each Party’s Voters
November 16, 2012
Obama’s religious coalition resembles the religious composition of younger voters, while Romney’s religious coalition...
Ron Faucheux, President of Clarus Research Group, on Statistical Analysis of Born-Again Christians in the 2012 Presidential Election
November 13, 2012
In this election, as was the case four years ago, 26 percent of the electorate called themselves born-again Christians. Four...
Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J-Street, on the Jewish Vote in 2012 in a New York Times Op-Ed
November 12, 2012
When it comes to Israel, Jewish Americans are notably moderate in their views.
Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research, on the Results of the Election and the Future of Christians in Politics
November 7, 2012
We [Christians] must face the reality that we may be on the losing side of the culture war. [...] While this certainly does...
Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., Holy See Press Office Director, on a Private Message from Pope Benedict XVI to President Obama Following His Reelection
November 7, 2012
We hope that President Obama will respond to his fellow citizens' expectations, serving law and justice for the good and...
Ahmed Vanya, Engineer and Muslim Voter from California, on Why Mitt Romney Will Have Trouble Getting Support from Muslim Voters
October 30, 2012
Muslims need tough love, not soft coddling to get over their illusions of Islamist fantasies. Many Muslims are not going to...
Russell D. Moore, Dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on Why Some Christians Are Choosing Not to Vote
October 24, 2012
Christians who boycott voting are opting out of civic responsibility and neighbor love. [Abstaining on Election Day is] more...
American Atheists on Mormonism in a Mobile Billboard Following the Romney Presidential Campaign in Florida
October 21, 2012
No Blacks Allowed (Until 1978). No Gays Allowed (Current). Shame on Mormonism.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Catholic Archbishop of New York, Joking with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner
October 18, 2012
By the way, just before I left Rome this morning Pope Benedict XVI pulled me aside and asked me to deliver a personal,...
Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of the Jewish Civilization Program at Georgetown University, on President Obama’s Religious Strategy in the Election
October 17, 2012
As for Obama, his strategy seems clear: lay low of the religion stuff and wherever possible reframe the hazardous “religious...
Catholic Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs on Why Vice President Joe Biden Should Refrain from Taking Holy Communion
October 15, 2012
It’s clear to me that the Code of Canon Law, Canon 915, says that a Catholic politician who publicly espouses positions that...


Commentary on the Election

This collection gathers together key statements from politicians, campaign officials, journalists, and others as they analyze and react to the role of religion in the 2012 presidential campaign. You can also view a grid that juxtaposes the major positions of the major candidates here.

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