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Mitt Romney on Promoting Economic Freedom in America
September 19, 2012
Since our founding, America has promoted personal responsibility, the dignity of work and the value of education. Those...
Mitt Romney Calls Barack Obama's Economic Approach Immoral
May 29, 2012
I think it’s not just bad economics, I think it’s immoral for us to pass on those burdens [of high deficits] to our kids. If...
Barack Obama on American Values and the Budget Crisis at the 2012 State of the Union
January 24, 2012
A return to the American values of fair play and shared responsibility will help us protect our people and our economy. But...
Ron Paul on the American Value of Freedom and the Debt Problem at the CNN Southern Republican Debate
January 19, 2012
[...] If you have a protection of liberty, which is the purpose of the Constitution, protection of individual liberty, and...
Rick Perry on Islam, Terrorism, and Turkey at the Fox News/WSJ Debate
January 16, 2012
Well, obviously when you have a country [Turkey] that is being ruled by, what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists,...
Jon Huntsman on the Two Big Deficits at the CNN National Security Debate
November 22, 2011
Well, let's face the economic reality. Let's face the deficit reality we have as a country. We have an economic deficit. And...
Ron Paul on Debt and the Government's Purpose at the 2011 Values Voter Summit
October 8, 2011
We are living in debt. [...] We are suffering from a mountain of debt because we have accepted this idea that we have this...
Barack Obama on the Principles of Balancing the Budget
September 19, 2011
It’s our responsibility to put country before party. It’s our responsibility to do what’s right for the future. And that’s...
Barack Obama on Government Values for the Budget in the Rose Garden
September 19, 2011
So Washington has to live within its means. The government has to do what families across this country have been doing for...
Barack Obama on the Value of Compromise in an Address to the Nation
July 25, 2011
America, after all, has always been a grand experiment in compromise. As a democracy made up of every race and religion,...
Michele Bachmann on the Budget Crisis
July 15, 2011
We must have the courage to make the hard decisions to make dramatic cuts in spending rather than extending our credit once...
Herman Cain on Biblical References to Financial Crisis at Faith and Freedom Conference
June 3, 2011
Many of you will recognize 2nd Corinthians 4th chapter, verses 8 and 9. ‘We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed....
Mitt Romney on Balancing the Budget
June 2, 2011
You balance the budget by restraining the growth of government and encouraging the growth of the private sector.
Barack Obama on Values Commitments and the National Budget
April 13, 2011
Part of this American belief that we’re all connected also expresses itself in a conviction that each one of us deserves...


Values and the Budget Crisis

The ongoing national budget controversy has been marked by an escalation of partisan rhetoric. Democrats and Republicans articulate many of the same values, including freedom and equality, in making their cases for tax hikes and spending cuts. But they understand those values and their significance in very different ways. This page brings together public discourse on the budget crisis with a values dimension -- from the administration, Congress, and the candidates for the 2012 Republication nomination.

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