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International Prayer for Peace - 2005

The 2005 International Prayer for Peace met in Lyon, France, and continued along the path set by the previous year's emphasis on developing a "New Spiritual Humanism" by focusing on the theme "Religions and Cultures: The Courage to Forge a Spiritual Humanism of Peace." The Lyon meeting paid homage to the late Pope John Paul II, who began the Prayer for Peace with his gathering in Assisi in 1986, and marked the first Prayer for Peace under the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, who addressed participants in a written message. Participants included, Among those who took part in the proceedings were Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and future French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Religious leaders from a variety of traditions held a series of round table discussions that addressed topics including such as religious unity, the legacy of Pope John Paul II, children and AIDS in Africa, and the future of Europe.

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