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Third International Conference on Coexistence and Peacemaking

The Third International Conference on Coexistence and Peacemaking, hosted by the Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center (JICRC), brought together Middle Eastern religious leaders to reject violence and find ways of living in peace.. Participants spent the first day studying the Christian peacemaking tradition, and the second day focused on the Islamic perspective on peace.. On the last day, sessions explored concrete examples of peacemaking methods and projects.. In the final communiqué, participants stressed respect for the right to worship and visit holy places, as well as the need to expand dialogue into communities and schools; they also affirmed the effort behind the open letter A Common Word Between Us and You. Participants included leaders from the Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christian traditions, as well as Muslim leaders from Al-Azhar University, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan.

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