Getting the Ending Out of Tom Wolfe

May 18, 2018

Writing in the New Yorker, Senior Fellow Paul Elie writes about the summer he spent working with acclaimed writer Tom Wolfe on A Man in Full.

Trump v. Hawaii

May 16, 2018

This week Berkley Forum blog contributors consider the constitutional, moral, and ethical dimensions of the case and the extent to which questions of religious freedom are at its heart.

Religious Freedom in the Crosshairs

May 15, 2018

Berkley Center Senior Fellow Thomas Farr joined Judge Ken Starr to discuss religious liberty today in America and beyond on Biola University's Think Biblically podcast.

Casanova Offers 2018 Edward Cadbury Lectures

May 14, 2018

During May 14 through 18 Senior Fellow José Casanova spoke on global religious and secular dynamics and trends at the University of Birmingham.

video | May 14 Lecture
video | May 15 Lecture

Fostering Community in the Classroom

May 13, 2018

Charles Camosy interviews Berkley Center Research Fellow Amelia Uelmen about overcoming polarization to encourage dialogue among teachers and students, the topic of her new book with Managing Director Michael Kessler.

Global Education Challenges: Exploring Religious Dimensions

May 11, 2018

Katherine Marshall identifies six ways religious institutions play significant parts in national and international education systems.

The Future of Political Islam

May 8, 2018

Jocelyne Cesari, Shadi Hamid, and Peter Mandaville discussed the state of political Islam and the questions that surround its development.

Why Israel Shaming Iran on Nuclear Weapons Is Grimly Ironic

May 3, 2018

Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J., argues in America online that no nation has “a right” to world-destroying weapons systems.

Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies

May 3, 2018

Watch Berkley Center Senior Fellow Katherine Marshall moderate a May 2 panel at the Wilson Center—featuring speakers from World Vision USA, Population Reference Bureau, and Georgetown's Institute for Reproductive Health—on faith-based engagement in family planning.

Martin Scorsese on Silence, Religion, and Art

April 27, 2018

Watch acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese reflect on the role of religion in his films after receiving the 2017 AAR Religion and the Arts Award—the third in a series of conversations with Berkley Center Senior Fellow Paul Elie.

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