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A Rocha

A Rocha, a Christian organization based in the United Kingdom, has been operating since 1983 to promote nature conservation. The organization works with five core commitments: Christianity, conservation, community, cross-cultural, and cooperation. A Rocha’s projects are cooperative efforts to promote biodiversity through research, education, and project implementation; the first initiative in 1983 was the establishment of a bird sanctuary in Portugal. Since then, the organization has spread globally, working with Christian communities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. National branches of A Rocha in some countries, including Brazil, Canada, India, Ghana, and Lebanon, facilitate the community work in those areas. Promoting the dissemination of knowledge regarding faith and biodiversity, A Rocha supports resources and publications regarding faith-based conservation, such as the book Wild and Wonderful: Tourism, Faith, and Communities (2013).

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