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Abu Dhabi Development Fund

Founded in 1971, the Abu Dhabi Development Fund (ADFD), a state-managed development bank financed by the government of Abu Dhabi, supports the social and economic development of countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, including regional and international efforts toward the same end. ADFD provides development assistance through project loans, grants, equity investments, and technical assistance. Loans are typically offered with low interest rates and lengthy repayment and grace periods. Since its inception, ADFD has provided more than $5.4 billion in aid to over 287 projects in 53 countries. Although open to all developing countries, the majority of its loan commitments to date are for Arab countries. Decisions about projects and funding type are made by ADFD's governing board, which is led by several members of Abu Dhabi's ruling family. The majority of ADFD’s funding supports infrastructure development, including transportation, water, and electricity.

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