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Association of Religion Data Archives

The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) works to democratize access to the best data on religion and is a comprehensive resource for scholars in a variety of disciplines, as well as more general audiences, who want information about religion in the United States and around the world. Online since 1998, the initial archive was targeted at researchers interested in American religion. The targeted audience and the data collection have both greatly expanded since 1998, now including both American and international collections and developing features for educators, journalists, religious congregations, and researchers. ARDA’s international surveys and data include cross-national, multiple nation, and single-nation surveys. Its national profiles page lists alphabetical links to information on religion in nations around the world. There are also regional profiles and a handy calculator to compare nations and regions using religious adherents and historical information. The list of data sources (with links) is another helpful resource, as is the general search feature that permits searching by subject, by topics (“abortion,” “religious freedom”), and other specific indices.

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