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Campo (Centro de Assessoria ao Movimento Popular) is a Brazilian NGO that has achieved tangible and lasting results in positive community transformation through grassroots projects in the slums on Rio de Janeiro. Founded by an ex-Jesuit priest in 1987, Campo emphasizes solidarity, autonomy, self-sufficiency, and the participation of community leaders in all of its partnerships. It operates as an "Assistance Center" by providing financial and managerial resources as well as training to numerous community-based projects and initiatives, ranging from orphanages to ecological conservation work. Campo also offers vocational education development to adolescents and adults from low-income areas, a low-cost solar technology program, the Skills and Service Network to tackle unemployment, and the Bom Negocio Project, which serves as a consultancy to small businesses and cooperatives. In addition, the organization sponsors a series of seminars and workshops on gender, human rights, and ethics.

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