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Global Peace Mission Malaysia

In response to relief needs in Afghanistan, Palestine, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Southeast Asian countries, Global Peace Mission Malaysia (GPM) has evolved into an international relief and development agency, extending its relief programs to Kashmir, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan. GPM works to raise public awareness regarding social responsibilities towards helping those affected by war and natural disaster, in addition to the actual delivery of humanitarian assistance to victims. GPM hopes to provide a platform for other organizations to channel their contributions for humanitarian purposes. Programs focus on improving livelihood, including post disaster microfinance, vocational training, counseling services for women, educational facilities, water and sanitation, and medical assistance. Between 2013 and 2015 GPM expanded its program to provide relief for Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and abroad. The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, backed by volunteers and relief workers, founded the Global Peace Mission Malaysia in 2001.

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