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International Fellowship of Reconciliation

The International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) is an international organization that seeks to promote reconciliation and peace through human love applied to political, economic, and social structures. Originating in 1914, IFOR is now established in 51 countries through 85 centers and affiliated groups. Members represent all of the major religious traditions and a diversity of spiritual inspirations for the commitment to peace. IFOR advocates for interfaith cooperation, disarmament, and gender justice through the Women Peacemakers Program. Membership branches work to promote non-violence through public education, training, and campaigns. The branches convene every four years at the IFOR Council, and an international committee meets regularly to assess progress on the commitments to the proposals of the IFOR Council. The IFOR international secretariat in the Netherlands promotes collaboration among branches, provides training in capacity building and gender awareness, and helps to coordinate international initiatives.

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