Positive Muslims

Founded in 2000, Positive Muslims is a South African NGO committed to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and offering support to Muslims living with the disease. The organization is led by Faghmeda Miller, the first South African Muslim woman to disclose her HIV-positive status, and Farid Esack, a prominent Islamic scholar. Programs include prevention, lobbying, and research activities, but the main focus of the organization’s work is counseling and support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Positive Muslims actively combats the widespread stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in the Muslim community, espousing a theology of compassion that stresses a non-judgmental approach to PLWHA. This theology is elaborated in HIV/AIDS and Islam: Reflections Based on Compassion, Responsibility, and Justice. In addition to discussing theological issues, the report details the concrete components of an effective response by the ummah to the HIV/AIDS crisis.