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UN Women

UN Women promotes women’s rights and gender equality around the world, seeking to support intergovernmental bodies in setting policy and norms, to assist member states in implementing these standards, and to hold the UN system accountable for its commitments. UN Women brings together NGOs, governments, and private sector organizations (including FIOs) based on the UN Charter and Beijing Declaration visions. Key focus areas include economic security, violence against women (especially in times of conflict), HIV/AIDS among women and girls, women's land and property rights, gender justice in democratic governance, and women’s equality within the post-2015 development agenda/Sustainable Development Goals; all programs stress self-empowerment. The organization boasts a variety of online resources, managing web portals on HIV/AIDS, gender-responsive budgeting, gender in war, and women in politics. Established in 2010, the organization incorporated four distinct UN groups, including the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

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