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Cheikh Djibril Diop Laye


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Cheikh Djibril Diop Laye is a teacher, imam, and member of the Layene tariqa [Sufi order] of Senegal. He has dedicated more than three decades to providing a religious education to young Senegalese that is based in the teachings of the Qur’an, the hadiths, and Islamic tradition. He serves as an appointed representative of the Layene community in many groups and committees. Laye is particularly active in promoting family planning to improve the welfare of Senegalese communities and in the Partnership to Get Children Off the Streets, a Senegalese organization that aims to put an end to the phenomenon of talibés [Qur’anic students] and other street children of Senegal. Laye also serves as the third imam of the Grand Mosque of Yeumbeul in Senegal.