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Henri de Baillet-Latour


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Count Henri de Baillet-Latour was president of the International Olympic Committee for 17 years, during which time he emphasized the need to maintain the essential qualities of the Games despite the variety of commercial and political pressures bearing upon them. De Baillet-Latour founded the Belgian Olympic Committee in 1903, and he secured the 1920 Games for the city of Antwerp, Belgium. His ability to successfully organize the Games with only a year's preparation and despite the devastation wrought by the First World War gained him great respect from his colleagues, leading to his election as president of the International Olympic Committee upon Pierre de Coubertin's retirement in 1925. As president, he was committed to defending and promoting amateur sport and its values around the world. The end of his presidency was darkened by the onset of the Second World War, but his tireless efforts to preserve the integrity and nobility of the Olympics left a deep impression on the Games. He passed away in 1942.