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James Carter

This individual is not a direct affiliate of the Berkley Center.

James ("Jimmy") Carter served as the thirty-ninth president of the United States from 1977 to 1981, having completed one term as the governor of Georgia. Carter’s presidency is largely defined by both his foreign policy involvements, including the Panama Canal Treaty and the Camp David Accords, as well as the economic uncertainty and stagflation over which he presided. Carter also was a huge proponent of human rights and pressed for racial desegregation, comprehensive health-care reform, and environmental protection. A Baptist, Carter famously announced that he was a "born again" Christian during his 1976 campaign. Carter co-founded the New Baptist Convention in 2006, having disassociated himself from the Southern Baptist Convention over disagreements about policy and doctrine. Since the end of his term, Carter has founded the Carter Center to continue his work promoting global health, democracy, and human rights around the world, which earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.
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