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Joseph Biden, Jr.

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Joseph Biden, Jr. is vice president of the United States. He took office in January 2009 after serving as a US senator from Delaware for 36 years. In 2007 he campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination but withdrew his candidacy in January 2008. A practicing Catholic and the first Catholic to serve as vice president, Biden’s selection as a vice presidential candidate was in part an appeal to Catholic voters. Biden has long argued that Democrats should not be afraid to invoke religion and acknowledge Americans’ religiosity. A supporter of Roe v. Wade, Biden has said he accepts the Catholic Church's teachings on the beginning of life at conception but that society needs to incorporate divergent religious beliefs. He has also publicly indicated his support for same-sex marriage. Unlike Obama, Biden did not make his personal faith a centerpiece of his presidential or vice presidential campaigns, noting other people brought up the subject.
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