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Moses Maimonides

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Philosopher, rabbi, and physician, Maimonides (also known as Moses ben Maimon or Rambam) was the first person to write a systematic compendium of Jewish law, Mishneh Torah. This book was incredibly thorough and addressed almost every aspect of Jewish life. Initially, it was so well received in the Jewish community that many traditional Jews grew nervous that people would ignore the Talmud in favor of the Mishneh Torah. Indeed, this text is now established as the standard guide to Jewish practice. Maimonides, a religious rationalist, is also one of the few Jewish thinkers whose ideas influenced the non-Jewish world; for example, Thomas Aquinas was familiar with his ideas. He is also held in high esteem in the contemporary Arab and Muslim world. In addition to his scholarly work on philosophy and Judaism, Maimonides served as the physician to the sultan of Egypt and wrote several important books on medicine.
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