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Patriarch Bartholomew


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Patriarch Bartholomew (born Dimitrios Arhondonis) is the archbishop of Constantinople and ecumenical patriarch, a historical moniker that signifies moral authority and the ability to act as the primary spokesperson of the Eastern Orthodox communion. He has been a strong advocate of reconciliation and religious freedom, having guided the Orthodox resurgence following the fall of the Soviet Union and participated in dialogue among the Abrahamic religions. He and Pope John Paul II also worked towards reconciliation between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox communities. Patriarch Bartholomew's other key initiative is promoting environmental awareness, often through international symposia. The patriarch is a Turkish citizen of Greek heritage and has pursued studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Gregorian University) in Rome and the University of Munich. Patriarch Bartholomew has received numerous honorary degrees, as well as the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal, and he is a member of the Faith and Order Committee of the World Council of Churches.