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Pierre de Coubertin


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Pierre di Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, was the driving force behind the modern revival of the Olympic Games. A French scholar and advocate of educational reform, Pierre de Coubertin proposed the re-establishment of the Games as an international contest promoting peace, understanding, and amateur sport at a global level. He first advanced the idea in 1889, and over the next seven years he dedicated himself to building broad international support for his cause. His vision shaped many key features of the modern Games, such as the Olympic Charter, the oath sworn by Olympic athletes, and the protocol for the opening and closing ceremonies. De Coubertin presided over the International Olympic Committee for 29 years and consistently embodied the principles and ideals of the Olympic Movement. Upon his retirement in 1925 he was named honorary president of the Olympic Games in recognition of his unique contributions. He passed away in 1937.