Robert Hefner

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Robert W. Hefner, a professor of Anthropology and director of Boston University’s Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs, is among the world’s most distinguished scholars of the culture, anthropology, and politics of Muslim societies. Hefner has coordinated interdisciplinary research and public policy programs on religion, pluralism, and world affairs and organized multidisciplinary research projects on politics, public ethics, and citizenship in Muslim-majority and Christian-majority societies. Hefner has authored or edited sixteen books, including most recently Global Pentecostalism in the 21st Century: Gender, Piety and Politics in the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith Community (2013), Religions in Movement: The Local and the Global in Contemporary Faith Traditions (2013, with John Hutchinson, Sara Mels, and Christiane Timmerman), Shari‘a Politics: Islamic Law and Society in the Modern World (2011) and Muslims and Modernity: Culture and Society Since 1800 ( 2010). Hefner was also a part of the Christianity and Freedom Project headed by the Berkley Center's Religious Freedom Project.
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