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Trygve Halvdan Lie

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Trygve Halvdan Lie of Norway served as the first official secretary-general of the United Nations from 1946 to 1952. In 1937 Lie burst onto the Norwegian political scene when he was elected as a representative in the Norwegian parliament. Climbing through the ranks of the Norwegian government, Lie was appointed to numerous ministerial positions—including the post of foreign minister—throughout World War II. Lie led the Norwegian delegation to the United Nations in 1946, and after helping draft the provisions of the United Nations Security Council, he was elected secretary-general as a compromise candidate between the major world powers. As secretary-general, Lie supported the independence of Israel and Indonesia and worked to strike a ceasefire agreement in Kashmir. Upon retiring from the UN in 1952, Lie returned to work in the Norwegian government and passed away in 1968 following a heart attack.

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