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Anglican—Roman Catholic International Commission

Since the 1960s the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) has been exploring possible areas of unity between the two communions. The first phase (1971-1981) focused on the Eucharist, ministry, and authority. Its second phase of operation began in 1983 and resulted in five reports by the end of the phase in 2005. Each dealt with a different set of doctrinal issues, including salvation, authority in the church, and the role of Mary, mother of God. While none are considered authoritative statements by either communion, they do represent the most sophisticated and officially sanctioned attempts to reach more substantive ecumenical unity. Both communions consider such dialogue a crucial element of the continuing effort to achieve a unified Christian witness. A third phase of dialogue, focused on ethical discernment and the church local and universal, launched in 2012 after delays because of controversy over homosexuality and scriptural authority within the Anglican Communion.

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