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Commission on World Mission and Evangelism

The Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) of the World Council of Churches supports Christian mission efforts by facilitating discussion and cooperation among churches and Christian missionary organizations. In addition to a staff presence at the WCC offices, the roughly 25 members of the Commission meet every 18 months, and a larger Conference on World Mission and Evangelism is held once during the interim between WCC assemblies. Like the Faith and Order Commission, non-WCC members from the Roman Catholic, evangelical, and Pentecostal traditions are full participating members of CWME. In the twenty-first century the commission has focused discussion on evangelism in a religiously plural world and the implications for the formation of Christian identity, the place of mission in the nature of the church, and the healing and transformative aspects of mission work. CWME resulted from the merger of the International Missionary Council with the WCC.

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