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Enough Food for Everyone IF Campaign

"Enough Food for Everyone IF" is a 2013 campaign launched across the United Kingdom to raise awareness among citizens and to force world leaders at the 39th G8 Summit to tackle the pressing issue of world hunger in concrete ways. Based on the idea that the world produces enough food for everyone, the IF campaign seeks to ensure that the one billion people who still go hungry receive a share of this food. IF supporters demand that world leaders, especially those in the most developed nations, reform systems of aid, taxation, land distribution, and transparency. The campaign encourages grassroots involvement, with resource kits for schools and Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith communities. At the Big IF rallies in June 2013 in London and Belfast, tens of thousands of people gathered to pray, raise awareness, and take action. Over 200 organizations, many faith-based, have publicly supported the IF Campaign.

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