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Faiths and Biodiversity

The World Bank's Faiths and Biodiversity project encourages faith communities to use conservation as an expression of religion, provides religious leaders with the opportunity to be a stakeholder in the sustainable planning of World Bank projects, creates faith-based public advocacy movements, and addresses the theological implications of environmental movements. Since 2002, the World Bank and Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) have launched several projects under the Faiths and Biodiversity theme, which have since then been published in a document titled "Faiths and Environment." Initiatives include Buddhist community-based sustainable living projects in East and Southeast Asia, rebuilding community resources in the predominantly Catholic community of East Timor, and Christian projects addressing deforestation in Indonesia. It is a collaboration between the World Bank and major faiths through faith-based organizations such as ARC, the Forum on Religion and Ecology, and the National Religious Partnership for the Environment.

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