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International Religious Forestry Standard

The International Religious Forestry Standard, also known as the Faiths and Forests initiative of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), is a project to shape religious, environmental, social, and economic management of millions of hectares of forest land by 2014. Launched in August 2007 as a product of the inaugural Faiths and Forests meeting in Visby, Sweden, the plan initiated a set of regional, faith-based meetings that would contribute to the standard’s proposal over the allocated time period. Each faith crafted a standard based on their theological teachings, applicable to faith communities worldwide; these standards were based on four core criteria: religious compatibility, environmental appropriate, socially beneficial to locals, and economically viable. Once each of the standards has been consolidated, the International Religious Forestry Standard will be launched as an overarching mandate to ensure faith-based preservation of forest land.

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