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Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation Program

The Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation Program of the World Council of Churches is dedicated to building relationships of trust and respect across religious divides and helping Christians reflect on the characteristics of Christian life in a religiously plural world.  Program activities are currently organized into three focus areas.  The project on strengthening interreligious trust and understanding focuses on building interfaith networks of women and young people, and it is coordinating the development of a website on best practices in interreligious dialogue.  The project on Christian self-understanding draws on insights from Jewish-Christian dialogue to formulate new perspectives on the nature and purpose of the church, and it also addresses the controversial issue of conversion.  The project on churches in situations of conflict assists churches in regions afflicted by violence and religious conflict, offering conflict resolution training, advocacy support, and financial assistance.  The program is based in WCC's Geneva offices.

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