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USCCB Catholic and Muslim Dialogue

The Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims coordinated by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops consists of three regional dialogues which meet yearly. Local bishops and Islamic leaders lead each regional effort, with assistance from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Participants have discussed a wide variety of topics, including religious perspectives on the family, defining the expression “the Word of God,” interreligious education, secularism, and scriptural interpretation. The Midwest Dialogue has compiled the monograph “Revelation: Catholic & Muslim Perspectives,” while the West Coast Dialogue has produced the report “Friends And Not Adversaries: A Catholic-Muslim Spiritual Journey.” In 2013 the Mid-Atlantic Dialogue released "Understanding Islam: A Guide for Catholic Educators." The Islamic Circle of North America, Islamic Society of North America, and Islamic Shura Council of Southern California are USCCB's institutional partners in this initiative.

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