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World Vision Microenterprise Development Program

The World Vision Microenterprise Development Program provides integrated and viable services for poor clients and their children within World Vision's Transformational Development and Emergency Relief programs. World Vision has more than 450,000 clients served by 43 member institutions in 28 countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. World Vision-affiliated microfinance institutions (MFIs) are run on business principles, operate against business plans, seek self-funding sustainability, and subject themselves to the demands of the markets. These MFIs are affiliated yet separate legal institutions. World Vision maintains the majority of seats on the board of directors and assists institutional development by providing financial resources, capacity building, technical assistance, and systems support. World Vision USA raises funds for microfinance through a number of appeals, including the Women's International Loan Fund (WILFund); sixty-seven percent of World Vision's loans are disbursed to female clients. World Vision also conducts significant microfinance work through its subsidiary VisionFund and lending platform Micro.

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