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Berkley Center Student Assistants

Berkley Center student assistants are integral to the work of the center, helping us achieve our mission through their contributions to faculty research projects, as well as their support of communications and outreach efforts. Some work directly with faculty members to provide book editing assistance; conduct research that informs reports, blogs, or policy briefs; or support classroom instruction. Others support our staff in day-to-day center operations. In all cases, student assistants are given meaningful, content-rich work that develops knowledge and skills that make them strong candidates as they seek internships and enter the job market.

Find out if the Berkley Center has current student assistant positions open by logging into your Student Employment Office account and searching for the Berkley Center.

Community – Student assistants participate in biweekly coffee hours, learning about the work of the center by sharing and asking questions to gain more insight into religion and world affairs. As our informal student advisory committee, student assistants also serve as our primary ambassadors to the broader student body. 

Career Development – We help our student assistants connect their Berkley Center experiences to the job market, apply for conferences and scholarships, and get published. Staff and faculty participate in assisting with these opportunities. All student assistants conducting semi-independent research may also participate in the annual student symposium.

Who is eligible to work at the Berkley Center?

All enrolled Main Campus Georgetown undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for student assistant positions. All undergraduate positions are open to Federal Work Study students. 

Graduate students may be limited in the number of hours per week they can work. Some graduate positions are GAGE positions. Some positions may be open to Georgetown University in Qatar students. See each job posting on the Student Employment Office site for more information.

Project Impact

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Micah Musser

As someone who plans to pursue a career in the world of academia and think tanks, working at the Berkley Center provided me with invaluable research experience at a major research institution. I was able to interact with respected academics, develop my editing abilities, and learn about religion and international relations, all while helping the center in its mission of promoting research that can advance a more just and equitable world.

Micah Musser

Alero Oyinlola

I became a student assistant as a freshman; my skills and experience were quite limited. In the past two years, serving as a student assistant has allowed me to develop skills in project management, including: research, outreach, and stakeholder engagement. Further, the center’s staff and fellows have provided me with opportunities for professional development and growth. This summer, I will be interning at Facebook and I am convinced that securing the internship is largely attributable to skills acquired at the Berkley Center.

Alero Oyinlola

Elizabeth Pankova

As someone pursuing a career in media, the Berkley Center was a perfect working and learning environment. I was able participate in so many aspects of the center’s media presence, from writing articles to helping manage the website. But more than that, working at the Berkley Center allowed me to interact with fascinating research, speakers, and faculty with whom I never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

Elizabeth Pankova


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