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Fostering Interdisciplinary Approaches to Religion and Politics

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Politics is a book series devoted to key interdisciplinary research on religion and politics. Its main goals are: 

  • Providing a unique platform for the burgeoning scholarship on religion and politics that cannot find visibility within the constricted boundaries of either religious studies or political science.
  • Publishing scholarship from the Global South.
  • Reexamining topics that are intensely debated in the public space from an objective, data-driven perspective in order to offer alternatives to ideological or partisan positions, especially when it comes to hotly debates topics like violence and politics, human rights, or democracy and secularism.

Berkley Center Senior Fellow Jocelyne Cesari serves as the editor-in-chief; Berkley Center Director Shaun Casey is an associate editor.

The inaugural essay by Senior Fellow José Casanova, "Global Religious and Secular Dynamics: The Modern System of Classification," addresses the current and somewhat conflicting categories used today by scholars from different disciplines to understand the role of politics in religion and vice versa.

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Project Leaders

Jocelyne Cesari headshot

Jocelyne Cesari

Senior Fellow
Department of Government

Shaun Casey headshot

Shaun Casey

Walsh School of Foreign Service



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