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Project Rebirth

The Berkley Center helps lead Georgetown's partnership with Project Rebirth and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Berkley Center Lesson Plans for Rebirth
The Berkley Center is working with the Rebirth team to develop classroom and web-based resources for high school teachers, college professors, and community discussion leaders that examine intercultural and interreligious understanding after traumatic events such as the September 11 attacks. 

These teaching tools utilize case studies about inspirational people and organizations to help students engage with interreligious and intercultural diversity in their communities. The focus of the material is how people respond to challenges and become leaders for social justice and peace in response to crisis situations. The material examines how interreligious and intercultural dialogue and action can bring people together in positive ways. 

Course material is also designed to help students gain a stronger sense of self and grow more comfortable with their own identities so they are able to interact effectively and compassionately with people who differ from themselves in significant ways. Areas of exploration include identity; bias and prejudice; racial profiling; cultural diversity; religious diversity; and strategies for dialogue. A selection of articles, video clips, classroom activities, and discussion questions provide multiple perspectives to enable students to grapple deeply with these complex issues. 

The Rebirth trailer is available on the Project Rebirth website. 

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