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A Common Word Between Us and You: 5-Year Anniversary Edition

October 1, 2012

In October 2012, the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan issued a newly revised edition of A Common Word Between Us and You to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the release of the original publication. The document, an open letter directed towards Christians worldwide and signed by over 300 Muslim scholars, clerics, and intellectuals from all branches of Islam, promotes interfaith understanding and harmony by emphasizing religious similarities. Addressed to the Roman Catholic pope, the various Orthodox patriarchs, and the leaders of various global Protestant bodies, A Common Word seeks to explain the profound unity that exists between Muslims and Christians through the fundamental principles of the unity of God, the command to love him, and then the extension of that love to one's neighbor. The fifth edition looks at the creation of the document and the impact it has had over the previous five years, including influence on new interfaith initiatives.


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