Ad Petri Cathedram (To the Chair of Peter)

Author: Pope John XXIII

June 29, 1959

Pope John XXIII's first encyclical, Ad Petri Cathedram (To the Chair of Peter), is a warm and pastoral letter to the Catholic community on truth, unity, and peace, in a spirit of charity. The pope calls out ignorance of and indifference towards the truth as the cause of many of the world's social evils, and calls for modern communications and the press to remember their responsibility to report only the truth. Concurrently, the encyclical implores readers to seek greater unity between nations and better relations among classes, and suggests that only through Christian charity is such peace possible. Recognizing the difficulty of these issues, John spends the remainder of the encyclical elaborating on the current state of the Catholic Church and calling for action in a number of crucial areas, including social justice and the combating of false ideas.

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