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Join Up, Scale Up: How Integration Can Defeat Disease and Poverty

September 1, 2011

This joint report by six development organizations, including Tearfund and Action Against Hunger, explores the challenges and benefits of integrated approaches to combatting development issues like healthcare, clean water and sanitation, and nutrition, in countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Through several case studies, "Join Up, Scale Up: How Integration Can Defeat Disease and Poverty" offers realistic, cost-effective solutions for meeting the Millenium Development Goals as alternatives to the institutional strategies that many governments have been utilizing. In one example, faith-based organizations in Zimbabwe partnered with community developers to build an urban agricultural center. The report concludes that cooperation between faith-based organizations, NGOs, government, and communities at the local level can identify achievable steps that communities can take to improve their quality of life while maintaining dignity and sustainability.


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