NGO Declaration on Climate Change & Human Rights

October 1, 2010

Gathered at the third United Nations Human Rights Council’s Social Forum in collaboration with the World Council of Churches, 31 NGOs created this declaration to denounce the adverse impact of climate change on vulnerable communities worldwide. The document begins with a statement outlining the reality of climate change and the effect it has on water, food, housing, and quality of life for susceptible populations, specifically addressing the survival of certain cultures, nations, and displaced groups. Recalling previous UN human rights declarations that referred to climate change as a human rights issue, the NGOs suggest three outcomes to the Social Forum: to identify the specific impact that climate change has on human rights, to request the continuation of the discussion of climate change and human rights, and to establish a new procedure with an assigned expert to address this intersection. Signatories included over 30 faith-based, environmental, and human rights groups.

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