Religion and Global Development

Authors: Dennis Hoover Katherine Marshall

November 1, 2010

Any effort to understand and improve the nexus between religion and economic development will entail a "top-down" dimension (focusing on government policy) and a "bottom-up" dimension (focusing on the perspectives and behaviors of religious actors themselves). This special issue of The Review of Faith & International Affairs (Winter 2010) brings top-down and bottom-up together in a common forum. It features an article by Katherine Marshall on “Development, Religion, and Women’s Roles in Contemporary Societies.” Other contributors to the issue include Peter L. Berger, Scott M. Thomas, James L. Guth, Robert Seiple, Brady Anderson, George Ward, Roberto Laver, Paul S. Williams, Seth Kaplan, and more. The Review of Faith & International Affairs is a journal of the Center on Faith & International Affairs at the Institute for Global Engagement.

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