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Bill Richardson on Being a Pro-Choice Catholic

June 4, 2007

ZAHN: [...] The one big area of division [between your politics and Catholic faith] is where you stand on abortion. You are pro-choice. Do you ever worry that, when you meet your maker, you're going to have to defend yourself?

RICHARDSON: Well, I am comfortable with that decision. I -- I don't like abortions. If I'm president, I will have a national goal to reduce abortions. I believe very strongly that we have got to promote initiatives to reduce abortions, to promote adoptions, to find ways also that we promote sexual education and family planning. So, I believe this is a matter between a woman and her God. It's not a matter for politicians to decide. I respect the leadership of the pope and my archbishop, who disagrees with me. But I think he is tolerant of my view, as long as I continue to -- to advance policies of social justice as a human being.

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