Constitution of Greece, Article 14: Freedom of Expression and of the Press

1. Any person may express and propagate his opinion orally, in writing, or in print, with due adherence to the laws of the State.

2. The press is free. Censorship and all preventive measures are prohibited.

3. The seizure of newspapers and other printed matter, either before or after circulation, is prohibited. By exception, seizure after publication is permitted upon instruction by the Public Prosecutor because of:

a) insult to the Christian and all other known religions,
b) insult to the person of the President of the Republic,
c) a publication which discloses information relating to the composition, armament, and disposition of the armed forces or the fortifications of the country, or aims at violently overthrowing the political system or is directed against the territorial integrity of the State,
d) obscene publications which manifestly offend public decency, in the cases specified by law. […]

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