Constitution of Ukraine, Article 35: Freedom of Religion

(1) Everyone has right to freedom of beliefs and religion. This right includes the freedom to profess any religion or profess no religion, to freely practice religious rites and ceremonial rituals, alone or collectively, and to pursue religious activities.

(2) The exercise of this right may be restricted by law only in the interests of protection of the public order, health and morality of the population, or protection of the rights and freedoms of other persons.

(3) The Church and religious organizations in Ukraine are separated from the State, and school is separated from the Church. No religion is recognized by the State as mandatory.

(4) No one is exempt from his duties to the State or refuse to abide by laws on religious grounds. If the performance of military duty contradicts the religious beliefs of a citizen, the performance of this duty is replaced by alternative (non-military) service.

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