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Gerald Ford on Ramadan in a White House Statement

Author: Gerald R. Ford

October 14, 1974

On the occasion of the special feast days concluding Ramadan, Mrs. Ford and I wish to extend our warmest greetings to all Americans of the Islamic Faith. For nearly two hundred years, our nation has derived its strength from the diversity of its people and of their beliefs. That strength has been greatly enhanced by your own religious heritage. I am sure that the completion of your month of fasting will bring home to you more than ever the importance of religious responsibilities in daily life. Fellow citizens of all faiths join you in this sentiment. We will be with you in spirit as you reaffirm your commitment to principles which exalt man's existence. May your celebration and the special message of these holy days fortify and uplift each of you and add to our vitality as a nation.

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Gerald Ford on Ramadan in a White House Statement