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Lee Myung-bak on Religious Harmony is South Korea

April 18, 2008

I believe Korea is one of those very unusual countries in the world where very different types of religious people can live in harmony. Korea is a place, as you know where we have a substantial number of Christians, substantial amount of Buddhists, Catholics and other religions. Even among one family, there might be family members who have different religions and believe in different gods, but they have no trouble living together. So I think in that sense, Korea is a very unusual country, yet it is a model country for religious harmony. As for me, yes I am an elder at the church, but [...] I was never uncomfortable to other people because of my religion. As for making decisions, [...] I will pray to the god that I believe in personally. But of course […] I will engage in very much dialogue and discussion with other people in order to make the necessary decisions.

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