Micah Musser on Student Assistantship

Author: Micah Musser

Micah Musser (C'19) worked for several years as a student assistant at the Berkley Center, first on the Religious Freedom Research Project and then later on a wide array of projects, supporting both faculty and staff, particularly on writing projects. Of his experience at the center, Musser said:

"My job at the Berkley Center has allowed me to help scholars work on issues from all around the globe, and after three years working here, the center has become something of a second home for me. As someone who plans to pursue a career in the world of academia and think tanks, working at the Berkley Center provided me with invaluable research experience at a major research institution. I was able to interact with respected academics, develop my editing abilities, and learn about religion and international relations, all while helping the center in its mission of promoting research that can advance a more just and equitable world.​"

Micah Musser