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Mike Huckabee on Outlawing Abortion on <em>Meet the Press</em>

Author: Mike Huckabee

January 28, 2008

RUSSERT: South Dakota had some proposed legislation to outlaw all abortion except saving the life of a mother, no exceptions for rape or incest. You said you’d sign that. Why?

HUCKABEE: I always am going to err on the side of life. I believe life is precious. [...] This is not something that I’ve been all over the board on, it’s consistent. It’s because of my view that God is the creator and instigator of life. But I think those of us in the pro-life movement, we have to do also some growing and expanding. We have to remind people that life, that we believe it begins at conception. It doesn’t end at birth. And if we’re really pro-life we have to be concerned about more than just the gestation period.

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Mike Huckabee on Outlawing Abortion on <em>Meet the Press</em>