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Mitt Romney on Battles within Islam at the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate

January 5, 2008

We're going to have to move our strategy from simply being a respond to military threat with military action to an effort that says we're going to use our military and nonmilitary resources […] combined with other nations who are our friends to help move the world of Islam toward modernity and moderation. […] The new mission for NATO and for other nations is to help provide the rule of law, education that's not through madrassas, agricultural and economic policies that can be instilled in various Islamic countries, so the Muslims are able to reject the extreme and the terrorists. We can help them. […] [We need to be] helping Muslims become so strong they can reject the extreme. […] This [is] a battle that is going on within the world of Islam, of radical, violent jihadists trying to bring down all moderate Islamic people and nations and replace them with a religious caliphate.

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