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Richard Cizik on Prayer and Climate Change

December 1, 2009

We face a crisis, and we need solutions. And the only way we're going to find solutions, in my mind, and given all the political hurdles - particularly here in the United States and around the world - is if people pray. So I'm calling on evangelical Christians because that's my own community, my faith community: pray. Pray because true transformation, you see, does not occur by self-righteousness, as I said, by guilt trips, or by coercion, but by the sanctified work of the Holy Spirit that comes into our lives and changes the way we live and think. And so that's what we really need - a new way to think sustainably about the world. From, I say, a "take, waste, and make" mentality where we take from the earth, make things, and waste things, to a "borrow, use, and return" - we borrow from the earth, use its resources, and return them in a replenished fashion.

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