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Rudy Giuliani on Christian Inclusiveness at the Values Voter Summit

October 20, 2007

Christians and Christianity is all about inclusiveness. It's built around the most profound act of love in human history, isn't it? It grew from a persecuted few people in the Roman Empire to the most widespread religion in the world by spreading a message of love, of hope, of faith, profound optimism, and with its hands out to everyone. […] It was the love those early Christians displayed that drew first thousands and then millions to Christianity. Non-believers saw the display of love of Christians and said, "I want to be part of that. It must be a miracle behind that - that people can love each other so much and care about each other so much. They can love each other so much that they can even forgive the people who persecuted them. This is a religion of inclusion." […] They were truly defined by what they were for, not what they were against.

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