Spanish Concordat of March 16, 1851

March 16, 1851

Article I
The Apostolic Roman Catholic Church, to the exclusion of all other religions, will continue to be the only religion of Spain, always protected in the dominions of His Catholic Majesty and enjoying all rights and prerogatives according to God’s law and regulated by the sacred canon.

Article II
Accordingly, teaching in universities, colleges, seminaries, private and public schools of all types will conform in every respect to Catholic doctrine; and to this end no impediment of any kind will be placed on bishops and other prelates as they carry out their ministry to protect the purity of faith and customs and exercise their responsibility to educate the young, including those in public schools.

Article IV
In all else pertaining to the right and the exercise of ecclesiastical authority and to the ministry of holy orders, the bishops and the clergy dependent on them will enjoy all the liberty established by the sacred canons.

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